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The Bayonets

Hanging with my boys The Bayonets at their last night of a month-long residency at Tabac. What’s my excuse to have Whisky’s on a Thursday going to be now!? I was wandering the streets aimlessly with camera beforehand and as we watched someone commented on the camera slung over my shoulder and asked if I […]

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The ol’ out the airplane window shot

I enjoy flying. The childlike thrill of being pinned back in my seat as the jet engines thrust forward in takeoff. The rapid ascent to a place where the city, always so familiar, looks so different – and distant. Probably every takeoff and landing since forever I’ve whipped out my camera and taken a photograph. […]

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There were a few photos from my recent Christchurch expedition that were left without a home. Here is their home:

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Taylor’s Mistake: A story in photographs

I want to tell you a story that loosely corresponds to the images that follow: It was a cold day in Christchurch when I set out for Sumner by bus. The view was already worth it the moment I stepped off the boardwalk onto the damp sands. The ocean appeared icy cold, but I dipped […]

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What’s your favourite thing about winter?

My favourite thing about winter in Auckland City is undoubtedly the fog. Well, days when your breath condenses too – but mostly the fog. Often Mt Eden is crawling with tourists, joggers and dog walkers in the mornings when I walk to the summit. This morning, it was eerily quiet. The blanket of fog silenced […]

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F a c e b o o k