Monthly Archives: August 2010

Summer……who’s ready?

We are. We are SO ready. Coralee always claims you can have a swim on her birthday (mid September). I always tell her that’s a little bit silly. But oh man, how I hope that she’s right this time!

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Brightening things up just a little bit…

Breaking a long string of black and white photographs I present to you some good old fashioned LOVE. We were privileged to witness a beautiful proposal last week and there’s nothing like it to bring those butterflies back to your stomach tears to your eyes. I think Coralee wants me to try mine again now :-) […]

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A walk in the park…

The LX3 is a powerful little fella. I’ve been neglecting him in favour of carrying around film point and shoots lately. I like this image for a few reasons, the first being that we were walking through the park in the middle of the night for pizza. It’s always a good night when you get […]

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The best camera…

Chase says that the best camera is the one you have with you. I couldn’t agree more. As Coralee and I beg and plan and dream of new more advanced gear, the act of slipping my trusty phone out of my pocket remains just as theraputic. I hate it so much when moments pass by […]

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F a c e b o o k