Meet Spencer – the acrobatic puppy

Continuing on in our little ‘Meet Coralee’ series (part 1, part 2)…how about a Meet Spencer!? If you didn’t already know, Coralee and I are crazy about our little Cavoodle. It’s embarassing (yeah, the name Cavoodle – but also our infatuation with her), but she actually is the cutest little companion a photographer could ever ask for. She’s always up for a location scout (although sometimes she’ll scout a little too far or for a little too long) and when it comes time to huddle in front of the computer and engage in some serious editing, she’s more than happy to curl up in a ball and keep our feet warm for as long as it takes.

If only Spencer was as infatuated with us. Unfortunately it’s tennis balls which are her one true love. Lately she’s begun to take flight when we play fetch. Shes growing up and learning to be less gumby, and catch the ball in the air. Stuff like that. I promise this is the final post today. Just working my way through some films, that’s all!

Fujichrome Sensia 100 – Auckland City, Feb, 2011


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