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Takapuna Beach

Coralee and I have had a hectic last few weeks getting through the last of our wedding editing and with me having only one functional arm and stuff like that. As a result, Spencer’s missed out on her weekly walks along Takapuna Beach. This morning I was up at the crack of dawn to take […]

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All of this freezing cold weather over the last few days reminded me of this image of Coralee. Up Mt Eden – last winter. That’s my coat she’s snuggling in! I imagine I was probably about as cold as I feel right now. Like, can’t feel my toes cold! It’s ok though. I would have […]

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The life of a one armed bandit…

If you didn’t know. A few weeks ago I had a reconstructive operation on my shoulder to fix years of snowboarding injuries and surfing wipeouts and bails off bikes into car windscreens and stuff. Well, finally I can have a strong shoulder like a regular boy! I can’t wait to smash into things and flip […]

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the ends of rolls…

I try always carry a camera loaded with film on me (well, pre shoulder operation I could). I figure that if we’re going to be shooting digital for our job, I want to make sure I still engage with analogue image-making as much as possible in everyday life. Sometimes it’s hard. The camera gets left […]

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I play in a pretty sweet band called Sleeptalkers. You should head over to our Facebook page and say yo! At the moment I can’t really do my extreme rock moves on the bass because my arm is in a sling… But I’ve been learning to play some synth and stuff. Here’s a few (left-handed) […]

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F a c e b o o k