Jess and Clint Engaged – Herne Bay, Auckland

Jess and Clint missioned it all the way up from Hamilton for us last week. It was probably the most gale-force windy day we’ve had all year, but the date had been made and we decided to venture forth anyway. Alex licked his fingers to see where the wind was coming from. Ok, that’s not true….he picked some grass and let it go to see which way it would fall…nope, not true either. He actually just looked out the window at which way all the trees on our street were heavily leaning and decided we might have some luck in our favourite little sheltered Herne Bay beach. Unfortunately, his predictions were wrong….it was still like a hurricane down there!! Nevertheless, it all worked out for the best. Jess and Clint were as chirpy as ever as we couldn’t help but make awesomely cute photographs of them both. In between wrangling with our giant reflector which was acting more like a sail we played on the beach and by the rad old boat sheds. Look at them! Too cute!! You’d never know it was like 100km/hr winds that day!

After braving the winds for quite some time we headed up to Jervois Road where we did manage to find a quite little brick wall in a corner away from the elements. The sun was at the perfect height and we made some pretty hot shots of just the two of them there too. Two of them as in, not that third thing…the wind!

We’re so stoked that we get to head down to Taranaki this summer to be there and celebrate with them both on their wedding day. Can’t wait! Jess, Clint – we had an awesome time hanging with you both. Thanks for coming all the way up to visit! We’ll get a disc in the post for you and can’t wait to catch up again soon!

C&A xx

Nicola Tyler - Amazing photos Jessica!

Caroline Rawnsley - They are great. You must be so pleased with them!

Nicola Gray - Amazing photos Jessica!

Caroline Knight - They are great. You must be so pleased with them!

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