Aaah Disneyland. It really is a place where magic happens! What a treat is was to visit! I got sore cheeks from smiling too much, and the only other time that has happened to me was on my wedding day!
All the below photos were taken on our nifty iphones and processed using the ShakeItPhoto app. The best camera is definitely the one that lives in your pocket!

Alex and I are having so much fun on our wee adventure, we have neglected our blog a little… sorry bout that! I promise more weddings to be blogged very soon! We got some goodies waiting patiently on our hard drive :-)
Love Coralee (&Alex) xx

Steph | bubblerock - Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… Not jealous… :D

Crystal and Aaron – Shanghai Lil’s Parnell

Crystal and Aaron had a small, intimate wedding held at Shanghai Lil’s in Parnell. It was a beautiful celebration of their love, with only their closest friends and family present- they didn’t even have any bridesmaids or groomsmen! We loved photographing the two cultures joining, with traditional customs such as the Chinese tea ceremony…and we loved the red Chinese decorations for good luck! Congratulations Crystal and Aaron! We had a blast photographing you, and wish you all the best for your married lives together! C&A xx

Erica McQueen - Day made! Pure brilliance x.

Erica McQueen - Day made! Pure brilliance x.

Kate and Gary – Matapouri Bay Wedding

When Kate and Gary emailed us asking if we were free to photograph their wedding at Matapouri Bay…..we were over the moon! We were hanging out for this one all summer! Alex has holidayed at Matapouri every year since he was still in his mum’s tummy! It’s a place he knows like the back of his own hand. We drove up on the day of the wedding and had breakfast on the dunes overlooking Woolley’s Bay nearby. Kate and Gary looked AMAZING and were married barefoot on the beach. We realised that if we were being married again, this is exactly the way we’d want to do it! For a while there it was touch and go with the rain…..Gary, a sailor, nervously paced around the beach house as they got dressed – glancing at the horizon often and refreshing the weather reports on his phone. It almost rained enough to call it off….but thankfully, come time to be married, the clouds only produced little droplets, nothing more. Not that anything could dampen the spirits of Kate, Gary, their family and friends.

We love the moody sky against the whites they are both wearing and the soft tones of the beach and dunes. Following the wedding the guests enjoyed ICECREAM while we went for a stroll down the beach for some bridal party photos. There are a bunch of cute baches on the dunes down the estuary end of Matapouri Bay. We knocked on doors but on this particular weekend not one of them was occupied but they were too cute to pass up. If you own one of the baches in these images, THANKS!….we assure you…nothing on the dunes in front of your house was harmed in the making of these photographs! Overall….an epic day with one of the most loveliest couples you will ever meet! Kate and Gary are currently sailing somewhere in the Caribbean on their own yacht!

Bon Voyage Kate and Gary!


Kate Eaglen - Thanks guys, the photos look just awesome. Couldn’t have dreamt up better photographers.

Kate/MagnoliaRouge - Awww Kate you looked so stunning… the whole wedding is just beautiful! Great job C&A!!

Eleanor / Jel - The B&W landscape of Kate at the beginning is just stunning. It took my breath away for a second.

Steph | bubblerock - What a lovely wedding… the pictures are so beautiful and it looked like the perfect beach wedding.

Coralee - Thank you ladies! Yes, they were a very good looking couple! And Kate was a knock out alright! Coralee x

Kate Eaglen - Thanks guys, the photos look just awesome. Couldn't have dreamt up better photographers.

Erica McQueen - Magical! (like always)

Erica McQueen - Magical! (like always)

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