Introducing Dominique & Baboo – Basel, Switzerland Wedding

Dominique & Baboo are the greatest! We had such an amazing day celebrating and photographing these two last Friday! We even got to float down the river Rhine on a party boat from their wedding ceremony to their reception – Lets just say Alex was like a kid on Christmas day! We can’t wait to get started on their photos to show you more! Below are some frames that popped out as we were uploading cards. :-)

Their wedding marked the end of our 8 wedding, European summer blitz, and what a note to end on! We have had such a magical time, but can’t wait to get back to NZ to our little pup Spencer! I think she might have a heart attack when she sees us!

Tschüss! Coralee xx

Pia Küng-Berger - Soooooo schön, alle Gueti euch Beidne

Katharina & Giuseppe’s Epic, Amazing, Beautiful Wedding Day – Heidelberg, Germany

Katharina and Giuseppe are the best! Seriously! These two might well be the most beautiful, happy, kind, friendly couple ever! EVER! We are so in love with these two that it was near on impossible for us to leave them once their wedding celebrations were over. We were convinced we just wanted to move in next door and hang out with them forever! But it’s OK though….we’re positive they will come and visit us in New Zealand soon! Right guys!?!?. Katharina had found the cutest little chapel to have her wedding ceremony. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we went to visit it a few days before. The boys made it on time to the church, despite a small iced-coffee disaster on the car journey there. We found Giuseppe an alternative shirt and off we went! Katharina would never even know :-)

The words for the day were ‘Love’, ‘Peace’, ‘Happiness’. The wedding was undoubtedly all of these things! It’s probably best you just check out the photographs below to see for yourself. Look at all of those smiling happy faces! What an incredible celebration. We spent a little time photographing the lovely couple after the ceremony before we all took off into Heidelberg to the reception venue – The Secret Garden. True to it’s name – to find this little gem we had to park in an unsuspecting industrial carpark. Cross a graffiti-covered train bridge and walk winding paths along the tracks until we arrived. The most epic little secret garden paradise you’ve ever laid eyes on! It was the party of all parties. We danced all night long and wished the day would never end!  Here’s a little glimpse. Enjoy!

C&A xx

steph | bubblerock - Submit this now and show it to as many people as possible. This is such a good wedding, beautiful couple and you guys rocked it…
Some gems in there. I tell you: GEMS… some of the best images I have seen in a small church, ever. GORGEOUS!

Eva Goldy - Though it’s similar to documentary photography, this style gives the shooter greater artistic license to infuse their particular point of view and style into your photographs. So while the shots reflect reality, it’s the photographer’s reality.

Introducing Franzi & Max – Destination Wedding – Bonn, Germany

Yesterday was like a dream come true. I am obsessed with castles so you can imagine I was quite excited to photograph Franzi and Max’s wedding day at Schloss Miel- a 500 year old castle! Such a sweet, lovely couple and their little dog Titos came along for the celebrations too! Oh how Titos made us miss our little dog Spencer! I adore this wedding, definitely more to come! But for now, my bed is calling me! Coralee (and Alex) xx

Qiane Matata-Sipu - beautiful! :)

steph | bubblerock - Oh hello there, gorgeousness!!! This is amazing!

Lydia Arnold - Super jealous of all these European weddings you are photographing!! So beautiful, love it xx

Eleanor / Jel - Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Georg Rosenbaum - wow, wie schön! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Vermählung! Die besten Wünsche!

F a c e b o o k