Introducing Dominique & Baboo – Basel, Switzerland Wedding

Dominique & Baboo are the greatest! We had such an amazing day celebrating and photographing these two last Friday! We even got to float down the river Rhine on a party boat from their wedding ceremony to their reception – Lets just say Alex was like a kid on Christmas day! We can’t wait to get started on their photos to show you more! Below are some frames that popped out as we were uploading cards. :-)

Their wedding marked the end of our 8 wedding, European summer blitz, and what a note to end on! We have had such a magical time, but can’t wait to get back to NZ to our little pup Spencer! I think she might have a heart attack when she sees us!

Tschüss! Coralee xx

Pia Küng-Berger - Soooooo schön, alle Gueti euch Beidne

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Katharina & Giuseppe’s Epic, Amazing, Beautiful Wedding Day – Heidelberg, Germany

Katharina and Giuseppe are the best! Seriously! These two might well be the most beautiful, happy, kind, friendly couple ever! EVER! We are so in love with these two that it was near on impossible for us to leave them once their wedding celebrations were over. We were convinced we just wanted to move in next door and hang out with them forever! But it’s OK though….we’re positive they will come and visit us in New Zealand soon! Right guys!?!?. Katharina had found the cutest little chapel to have her wedding ceremony. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we went to visit it a few days before. The boys made it on time to the church, despite a small iced-coffee disaster on the car journey there. We found Giuseppe an alternative shirt and off we went! Katharina would never even know :-)

The words for the day were ‘Love’, ‘Peace’, ‘Happiness’. The wedding was undoubtedly all of these things! It’s probably best you just check out the photographs below to see for yourself. Look at all of those smiling happy faces! What an incredible celebration. We spent a little time photographing the lovely couple after the ceremony before we all took off into Heidelberg to the reception venue – The Secret Garden. True to it’s name – to find this little gem we had to park in an unsuspecting industrial carpark. Cross a graffiti-covered train bridge and walk winding paths along the tracks until we arrived. The most epic little secret garden paradise you’ve ever laid eyes on! It was the party of all parties. We danced all night long and wished the day would never end!  Here’s a little glimpse. Enjoy!

C&A xx

steph | bubblerock - Submit this now and show it to as many people as possible. This is such a good wedding, beautiful couple and you guys rocked it…
Some gems in there. I tell you: GEMS… some of the best images I have seen in a small church, ever. GORGEOUS!

Eva Goldy - Though it’s similar to documentary photography, this style gives the shooter greater artistic license to infuse their particular point of view and style into your photographs. So while the shots reflect reality, it’s the photographer’s reality.

Introducing Franzi & Max – Destination Wedding – Bonn, Germany

Yesterday was like a dream come true. I am obsessed with castles so you can imagine I was quite excited to photograph Franzi and Max’s wedding day at Schloss Miel– a 500 year old castle! Such a sweet, lovely couple and their little dog Titos came along for the celebrations too! Oh how Titos made us miss our little dog Spencer! I adore this wedding, definitely more to come! But for now, my bed is calling me! Coralee (and Alex) xx

Qiane Matata-Sipu - beautiful! :)

steph | bubblerock - Oh hello there, gorgeousness!!! This is amazing!

Lydia Arnold - Super jealous of all these European weddings you are photographing!! So beautiful, love it xx

Eleanor / Jel - Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Georg Rosenbaum - wow, wie schön! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Vermählung! Die besten Wünsche!

Introducing Katharina & Giuseppe – Destination Wedding – Heidelberg, Germany

Alex and I had such an AMAZING day photographing these two on Saturday in the crazy hot heat of Heidelberg! I actually love these guys and think we made friends for life. There is so much love between these two, that I couldn’t help but smile all day…. oh and isn’t Katharina insanely beautiful?! So much more of this wedding to come! Coralee xx

Tamryn & Matt’s winter wedding – St George’s Church & Kumeu Valley Estate, Auckland.

Winter time for a wedding photographer is usually the time where things quieten down a bit. You get a chance to spend weekends doing things other than photograph weddings and take stock of your business. Walks with the dog. Re-do all those little things on the website you’ve been meaning to do all year….and just generally relax and re-energize for the next summer. Some of our photographer friends were in that stage……but we weren’t quite there. Not quite. You see, we had one more reason to be excited…..Tamryn and Matt’s wedding! We knew since the day we met Mat and Tam that it was going to be a special day – we’d been looking forward to it for over a year! The perfect way to end an amazing summer season full with weddings. And it was! It most certainly was!

It was one of those days so jam-packed full of cute details that if you were to blink – you’d miss something. Matt is an incredibly talented designer and has personally created all the stationary. My personal favourite!? His toy soldier cufflinks given to him by Tamryn. I’ve seen some great cuff-links in my line of work…..but those are surely the coolest I’ve ever seen! When it’s cold outside, there’s something special about all huddling inside warm a church eagerly awaiting a bride. Tamryn was STUNNING as she walked down the aisle hand in hand with Dad. The wedding took place at St George’s Church in Epsom, the same place Coralee and I were married almost five and a half years earlier. It’s a special place!

Following that, the lovely couple jumped into an incredible Ford Galaxie (Oh how I want that car so badly!) and off we went to photograph the bridal party. First stop was a little sheltered carpark in Newmarket. After all the excitement of the ceremony and all the greetings and congratulations that follow – that time we get hanging out with a bride and groom – just us – after the ceremony is always special. Tamryn and Matt got a chance to just be. They looked into each others eyes….and we could see that they are just two people most crazy in love with each other. That kind of thing is the easiest thing to photograph in the world. They were uber cute. We needn’t even ask them to do anything other than be themselves.

We dodged puddles and played there for a while before it was time to head up towards Kumeu Valley Estate where the reception would be held. Not before we made a quick stop on an awesome little tree-lined driveway we’d found the day earlier though. I’m gonna be honest…I was skeptical that we’d lost the best light by then. But Coralee wasn’t even phased one  bit. I think the frames she made of Tam and Matt in the twilight in the grass to the side of the driveway are some of my ultimate favourites from the entire day. OK, maybe even the entire summer! Maybe it’s; just because Tamryn and Matt are just so darned cute!

The room at Kumeu Valley Estate was like stepping into another world! It’s so magical in there! The details and table settings just have to be seen to be believed…..So seriously, you should really go scroll downwards and just check it out for yourselves. We really can’t put it into words any better than that. Tamryn and Matt….we LOVE you guys and we had the best time celebrating with you both on your special day! We hope your trip was AMAZING…..and we’ve got a little box of goodies here for you that we’re packaging up as we speak! C&A xx

Michelle Vlok Hough - As old friends of Matt and his family, we here in South Africa were delighted to see all the stunning photographs of their special day. It feels as if we attended the wedding. What a beautiful couple. Beautifully, stylised photographs!

Darryl Lynn - Just beautiful

Hana Tate - Tam it looks like your day was as magical as you had always imagined. Your photos show your love and happiness for each other!
I am beyond happy for you. xx

Steph Ambrose - Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos, just lovely! xxx

Wendy Peat - Simply beautiful photography, an amazing wedding! Thankyou for letting us share in your special day.

Jodie Cox - Gorgeous as per usual! ;) x

Lynne Heath Lannen - Lovely pictures! The couple looks amazing and my sister looks beautiful – as always! xxx

Olivia Spink - Wow. Love it! All the details! :-) stunning! :-) love you both!!!! :-)

F a c e b o o k