Wife | Film

When shooting a test roll of film there’s obviously a lot of times that I’m out with the wifey. So in a totally non-creepy way, here’s a few more of the test shots continuing on from the last post. When I look at them though, I can see themes that have been fascinating me in my photography lately. Lo-fidelity, blur, close-ups, overexposure and reflections. The last shot?, well that’s just a memento of summer gone by. Bring on November, and christmas and the purchase of my very first barbecue to go in my very first house with an outdoor area. 

(this post is also a test because my mind has been boggling linking twitters to facebook fan-pages to blogs to RSS. aargh) 

Crumble in Parnell

Back in the good old days when I lived in the central city, Spencer and I would end every morning’s walk by descending Parnell Rise. We watched this building slowly crumble away. I loved the demolition machine – a modern day dinosaur. Watching the built environment take on new form is so fascinating. Yup, I should’ve been an architect.

C. Alex - haha i know!

Sheena - It really does look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

F a c e b o o k